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"Informational Theory of Evolution"

(In this paper the main problem of my work is briefly stated, published under the same title at the following site: www.piramid.express.ru.

Analizing the scientific knowledge on development of the material world,we must state that if the lower level of systematic organization of matter to which the modern science has already reached, is clearly shown - it is the "elementary" particles (the word "elementary" is taken into quotation marks.as it is clear,that it is not yet the lowest level, but there is something , but it is not known, what it is inside these "elementary" particles),and now it is impossible to say this on the top achievement of the evolution,and on its current day. The whole point is that it is customary to consider a man as the highest achievement of evolution, but really a man is not the top achievement of evolution. The evolutionary process was continued along a line of public development of a man:

a family a genus a tribe a state the states unions - this is the top achievement of the evolution, its current day, lasting during millenniums.

With due regard for the above-mentioned thing, "the main line" of evolution according to the scientific data, is the following:

The Diagram N1:

... "elementary" particles nucleons nuclei atoms molecules chemical compounds cells organisms flocks genuses tribes states the states unions ...

(Many dots and arrows in the beginning and at the end of the Diagram N1 reflect the circumstance, that, as it was stated above, "elementary" particles- that is not just the very beginning of evolution, but the states unions, as it is expected from the proposed analysis, and not its end).

Each link of the chain given- above - that is a class of primary (there are and secondary systems, e.g. created by a man, the question is touched further) systems of material world, presenting by themselves the level of systematic organization of matter.

From the systems of the classes given, and all these so called "floors" of the universe have been built, and of course they are not differentiated. The lower "floors"(up to chemical compounds inclusively and that was just before the "elementary" particles) include the whole space,the upper ones (from cells and further) have been built on the Earth. (Thus,we disengage just from hypotheses on the existence of organismeous life outside the Earth, analyzing only the proved scientific knowledge). And all these "floors" are limitted in space and by complication of the systems,presented themselves this "floor"- just from maximum simple ones up to utmost complicated ones. A man is the top of inner complication of "organisms". A man is a single from all the species of organisms has carried further the standard of the evolution. Practically all the other organisms have reached a cul-de-sac in their further evolutional development at a level of " a family", "a flock", and the same systematic formations.

The Diagram N1-this is an invisible (but real) trunk of the evolutional tree. The analysis of this trunk allows to confirm, that this evolutional process, as the whole, is completely REGULATED, but the obvious fact of the rule of chance at all these "floors" building has a subordinate character. The regulation of a single evolutional process - this isn't "a retrospective illusion", when many people speak on which,including the prominent scientists(see, for example, "The Generalized Theory of Evolution" by the outstanding Israeli scientist and physicist Juvale Neaman), but it is a reality, discovered by a retrospective analysis of the whole process of the evolution. Thus, a very simple step - an inclusion of the social development of a man into the single evolutional process, a definition of the top achivement of the evolution, and the analysis of the whole process of the evolution, as the whole, allow to disprove the widely-spread opinion when the rule of chance is on the basis of the evolution.

The analysis of the Diagram N1 discovers, that a process of the evolution is not simply regulated, but it is completely PURPOSEFUL. This analysis, at the same time, discovers the whole number of regularities, by means of which the universe has been built, as the whole thing. All these regularities predetermine inevitability of the system formation of the NEAREST AIM evolution, its main features, key conditions, and also its formation term. The analysis of these regularities practically allows not only with a scientific truth to predict not so remote future of mankind, but also to determine on the just beginning of the evolution, on its main motive power, and on the Source of the whole world. The regularities given have already been considered by me in the above-mentioned work, published in Internet. I will dwell on all these regularities with utmost short at the length of this paper, having a place-limit. They are all closely mixed up, and they are considered in their interdependence.

First of all, it is necessary to point out the easily discovered regularity, which I name MATRYESHKALIKE. Its main idea is formulated in the following way: the systems of each new class have been created just FROM the systems of the previous class, and the previous ones. Thus, the matryeshkas have been created in their own way, and the systems of all the previous classes are contained inside them, and in other words, all this that was just in the very beginning.

The simple and easily-discovered regularity of the systems QUALITY dicrease, presenting themselves their classes, determines a direction of the whole evolutional process just to the nearest aim system unit of the whole evolutional process - the common "mankind" system, which the mankind system isn't still currently.

The regularity of increase SIZE system (comparable), presented itself this class is easily discovered. This regularity determines the size of a future system ,the size of which is equal to a carrier - planet - the Earth.

The regularity of character change and the systems of SHELL configuration is determined by a circumstance, that a future system will wrap up the whole carrier-planet (that it is necessary to note,finally, this results in the serious ecological problems), and this shell will be besected into material (territorial) and non - material - noosphere, by the words of academician V.I.Vernadsky.

The regularity of all MASS decrease systems, presenting themselves their classes ,and one mass increase(comparable)system,presenting itself this class, leads to a similarity of all these indicators at the level of the common "mankind" system.

The ENERGY of an upper"matryeshkalike" layer of the systems, defined the class specification of the systems, constantly decreased to a man's level and then, at the level of the social development of a man, this regularity's vector has been turned over for 180 degrees, and this indicator began to rise. This regularity leads to the condition, that for the future "mankind" destruction system the definite energy must be applied to it. This regularity seems to me an interesting overturn of its vector.

It is necessary to dwell on the inseparably intercorrelating regularities of INNER STRUCTURE BASIS systems change and inner and external CONNECTIONS systems change in somewhat details.

The regularity of inner structure systems change isn't so simply discovered, but it is discovered only at the maximum disengage from complications of the inner structure systems, and,therefore, it is discovered by an abstract logic, which is capable to summorize the scientific knowledgeon the world. I name this regularity CYBERNETICAL, as resulted in its action the management system element has been separated in the structural basis of the systems. At a level of "organisms" - this is a nerve cell, but at a level of the social development of a man - this is a head of genus, a tribe, a state. At the level of the social development of living organisms the management element has spacely been isolated just from the basically-forming functional system elements and then it has been connected with them by the special connections, e.g. by the interests-consciousness connections, INFORMATIONAL ones. By the structural regularity, all this process of the further evolution has been BISECTED into primary and secondary at the level of the social development of the living organisms. This bifurcation has clearly been marked at the level of the social development of a man, when a man began to create the secondary systems just from the primary ones by his consciousness and labour along the whole class range, including the systems of a social development of a man himself. (Namely, such systems are the states of the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the others, created not from tribes, but from families and organisms).

The secondary process of the evolution is going on inseparably from the primary one, and there is no any visible limit between them, but it is necessary to separate them, as just that the secondary process practically creates the main conditions, especially for the future "mankind" system formation. And, namely, owing to it, the whole process of the evolution will be proceeded and after the formation of the nearest aim evolution system. The whole point, is that beginning from the secondary process of the evolution, the whole its trunk has already been bisected, as I name them: the physiological and the productional-labourious branches. The "physiological" branch is the primary process of the evolution (the Diagram N.1), but the"productional-laborious"branch is the secondary process of the evolution (see,further the Diagram N2). On the basis of the first one, a basically-forming pair of the functional elements is:"she-he", but on the basis of the second one is"a consumer-a producer". Thus,the first one practically reaches a cul-de-sac, as the separated "states unions" aren't be able to to unite and make the common system from world outlook (it will be mentioned further). And, at last, the second one leads the whole evolutional process to the formation of the nearest aim system-the common "mankind" system.

The above-mentioned material is fully reflected in the Diagram N2:

The Diagram N2:

A note to the Diagram N2: the first letters of the names are showed indicated a class of the systems under the circles.

The regularity of inner and external CONNECTIONS systems change-this is the regularity of the scene entrance of the fundumental forces evolution of interaction: strong and weak, gravitational , electromagnetic. At the level of the social development of a man the special connections have been clearly appeared on a scene of the evolution, the connections of interests-consciousness, which, though are connected with the physical carriers,but, on principle, they are differed from the physical connections. They aren't be able to be detected by none physical device, designed by a man. And, finally, they are fully detected only by a physical device, designed by the primary process of the evolution - which is his brain, and his abstract way of thinking. And these are INFORMATIONAL connections.

An information, as a component of the material systems is at all levels of matter systematic organization without any exclusions. But this informational flow hasn't been separated from the material one up to the level of the living organisms. This information has formed its own carrier and, thus, the informational flow spatially has been separated from the material one with the further besection of the whole process of the evolution for primary and secondary. The process of informational separation has begun at the level of living organisms, when nervous fibres appeared by which the informational commands are transmitted, and, finally, it has clearly marked at the level of the social development of a man, when a man became a carrier of information.

An information has appeared as a motive power of the whole evolutional process at the level of the social development of a man. It is quite impossible to set up a responsibility for singleness of purpose of the whole evolutional process on none from the physical forces known to a science.

And only an information can carry out this role, and it is regarded as the specific and non-physical force, which can't be discovered by some physical device, designed by a man, and it is discovered only by abstract way of brain's thinking, which is capable to analize the whole way of the evolution. When a non-physical force appeared on a scene of the evolution, the smaller mass began to determine the greater mass movement, the interaction between bodies is submitted not already to the physical laws, but the laws of interests-consciousness, and a continuation of the whole process of the evolution became clearly determined by this non-physical force, which as the physical forces not only create, but also destruct.

The development of INFORMATIONAL component systems is considered by a proposed theory, as the separate regularity, as the regularity of non-material component change of the material world, which is transformed in the consciousness of a man. Therefore, not only the development of a human society is a part of the common process of the evolution, but the development of a human consciousness is also a part of the common process of the evolution, and, thus, the consciousness is developed naturally, and directly in a definite manner. Concerning this analysis, it is directed for the further development of a human logical way of thinking, for the realizing formation of the nearest aim evolution system, and also for the realizing continuation of the evolutional process after this aim achievement.

As appears from the above-mentioned material, that an information on the evolution was preceeded the evolution itself,and also the INTENTION exists. (This conclusion is fully conformed with a recently proposed hypothesis on the existence of "a cosmological genome of the Universe").

With further bisection of the evolutional trunk into the physiological and productional-labourious branches, the social consciousness of people has been bisected into intuitive inseparably linked with the physiological branch and resulted in appearance of religions, and logical inseparably linked with the productional-labourious branch and resulted in appearance of a science. In the social life of a man their carriers are rather clearly separated in contrast to a human brain, in which these two types of thinking are inseparable. The informational component of the material systems has been besected into the inner and external ones, concerning a carrier itself, and it has reached a level, when it is quite capable externally to destroy a system of a proper physical carrier.

At a level of the social development of a man, the management system element (e.g. a head of a genus, a tribe, a state) in the beginning has been formed in the physiological branch of the further evolution, but then it has become the common for the both branches. This element of the management is linked with the basic-forming elements (people) by the informational connections through a field of their interests. A special field of these interests - a market has been formed in the productional-labourious branch. A single and common to all mankind market formation leads to a formation of a common material (territorial) shell of a future system, that is one of two main conditions of its formation. Another condition is the formation of a single and common to all mankind social world outlook, which creates a basis for the formation of common, non-material, spiritual shell for a future system. The common to all mankind market is being created by our eyes. Concerning a single and common to all mankind social world outlook, and it certainly is being formed, and it will be scientific and idealistic, putting a non-material component of our world on its lawful and first place, concerning matter.

Thus, the nearest aim system of evolutional process will be built CONSCIOUSLY,e.g.firstly it will be built just in the heads of people. Currently, its building is going on,but unconsciously. (That's why, with a such difficulty). The united mankind will be realizingly, it will scientifically decide the questions of the management of a future system, the social problems, the problems of social morals, ecology, demography, development of equipment, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, medicine, astronautics and etc.

The SPEEDING-UP regularity of the whole evolutional process, characterized at the level of the social human development, that each new systems class has been created much quicker the previous one, leads to the result, when a common "mankind" formation system is already a fact not a millenniums, and even not centuries, but only several decades and years.

The above-mentioned regularities analysis allows to predict not so remote future of mankind, not only with a scientific prove, but as it was said earlier to judge on the very beginning of the evolutional process, and on the Source of the whole world.

All the regularities,considered backwards, lead to the beginning, in which infinities are came to nothing,e.g.this beginning can be characterized only as zero - infinity (0-).This is a formula of the Absolute-"The Author-Executor" of the Intention,which is named the God in religion, not having an image. Such characteristic of the absolute Source of the whole information on the world and the universe for the first time in the history of mankind has been given by Judaism - a religion, confessing by a single nation on the Earth - Judas, who are the single and social carrier on a primary information on the essence of the world. And, finally, a science now becomes the main and powerful ally of Judaism. It is necessary, moreover, to pay attention to the next feature of a relay-race transfer of a primary information on the essence of the world: a single carrier - planet -the Earth, a single species of organisms on the Earth - a man, a single nation on the Earth -Judas. And this Judaic nation has retained this kind of information through many millenniums of his unique history. And this historical mission of this nation lies in this fact, and irreationality of his historical fate is explained by,e.g.in other words, the irrational attitude to this nation from the side of the whole and rest mankind.

Haim Breiterman.

Nissan 5762 ( April, 2002 ).

The essence of "Informational Theory of Evolution" is briefly given in this paper (www.piramid.express.ru ), according to which our world has been appeared and it is developing predeterminely, naturally, and purpusefully. The nearest aim of the evolution, according to the proposed theory is the common system-"mankind", which is currently building, but unconsciously. And, finally, it will be built consciously. The specific regularities, found out by the auther, which, in their turn, will lead to the inevitable formation of the indicated system have been given in this paper. The necessary information lies at the basis of all these regularities and also predetermination of the evolution, and, therefore, a Intention practically exists.

Haim Breiterman.

Nissan 5762 ( April, 2002 ).

This paper has been translated from Russian by Nicholas Bezdyenyezhnykh.

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